Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Across the Pacific I shall go!

    So I’m leaving on Thursday for a two-month jaunt in Asia, most of which will be spent at an internship in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. This blog during that time will be a travelogue – it’ll include pictures and reports from all sorts of things I do while I’m in China.

    Reading this will probably be the best way to get ahold of what I’m doing; follow the blog! I’ll be emailing a lot of you while I’m abroad too, and many of you have requested postcards/aerograms; I’m sending postcards/aerograms to the US, Chile, Canada, South Africa, Israel and Australia!

    Proxies mean I can access Facebook and Gmail, but the time difference is highly inconvenient for me to 
talk to most of you over chat.

    I am so totally psyched for the trip, and to go to Asia again. Here’s my schedule over the next three months:

July 27-28: Chicago
July 28-30: In transit to Hong Kong (huge time difference from crossing the date line)
July 30-31: Hong Kong (in transit)
July 31-August 5: Singapore
August 5-September 23: Shenzhen and area (including Guangzhou and a 600-year-old fortress for sure)
I get back to Chicago on September 23

If you guys want more details (my flights, addresses, etc.) give me a shout. I will have a Chinese phone 
number and postal address soon; I should have the postal address by next week.

I can't wait! I'll miss you guys.

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