Sunday, September 25, 2011

I’m home again

I realized I was home several times in the past thirty-six hours:

1.       I know it, because I’ve got my communities here with me again.

a.        I realized it when we were singing V’Shamru (one of my favorites) at services yesterday. It’s good to be singing with people who I can connect with, and who I do connect with, and it’s awesome to welcome new friends to Egal! Welcome to the newcomers!

b.      I realized it as I’ve run around in my dorm and elsewhere hugging my friends again.

c.       I’ve got the crew back; I had a great Middle Eastern dinner with four close friends, and spent a good long time with four other close friends in their dormitory. I’ve been hit by an avalanche of hugs.

d.      It’s great to see people in person again. It’s one thing to talk to Douglas or Hillel or Scott or Katie on Facebook. It’s another thing to talk to them face-to-face. It’s great to see you guys.

2.       I know it, because the white noise is the white noise of home. I’ve got the truck-chuck of the commuter rail outside my window. I know the voice on the bus announcements. I know the beep of the scanner at the libraries. I know the voices in the hallway.

3.       I know it, because I can tell someone that I’m interested in China’s role in circumpolar affairs and they won’t think I’m weird. I just agreed last night with someone that ancient Middle Eastern tablets are awesome. The nerd is coming out to play!

4.       I know it, because there’s that endless Chicago sky soaring above and the wind blowing in from the lake.

5.       I know it, because I’ve relaxed. This is home. This is my room. This is the view I know. This is the door that goes between my dorm and home and the outside world. This is the sidewalk I know so well, the walk I could do blindfolded to the center of campus. This is my world again.

It’s awesome to be home.
Other than kitsch, adds to the blog roll:

1.       An anthology of visual pleasures: Douglas, a friend of mine, has an artsy blog that’s really fascinating. Also, tons of wonderful art.
2.       Momenergy: two students of mine run a mathy-economics-random notes blog. It’s cool.
3.       Are We Feminists?: three wonderful ladies have a blog covering life as women and feminists in the 21st century, with some brilliant pop culture analysis and great adventures. Comment anonymously, please.
4.       Nachamu Ami: a friend of mine from my Jewish life has a blog in which he writes about adventures and intellectual questions within his colorful Jewish life. It’s a good read.
5.       Foreign Policy/Arctic: so besides being a China nerd, I’m a total nerd for the Arctic and circumpolar affairs (I can explain that, as needed). This blog is really good for keeping abreast of politics and hullaballoos in this surprisingly hot (pun totally intended) region. I’m planning an Arctic-themed post later this year.

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