Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fuck Fluticasone.

I figured out this week that, rather than asthma, a more likely source of  most of the breathing issues I've had is the medication they put me on - an inhaler with a steroid called fluticasone. It's an immunosuppressant, and I've gotten several upper respiratory infections. I also have this sneaky suspicion that it made things somewhat more difficult for me in China, and the amount of chest pain I've had is way up compared to the pre-medicinal days.

Do I have some breathing issues? Yes, particularly during allergy season.  Most of that is pretty lightweight if I'm somewhere with not much mold. I didn't have any sort of medications until I was 19 1/2. I've only used my rescue inhaler once in the US, and that was an overreaction. If I go back to China, I will need to take some meds with me, but even then...

But generally, I'm a pretty healthy guy. Pre-inhaler, I was at a good weight, with a 99th percentile heart rate. Now, I've had five infections in as many months, as well as other issues. I'm kinda pissed at the doctor now. You're supposed to lower your inhaler dosage over time, but the doctors didn't do that. Furthermore, they put me on heavy-level dosages during a bad allergy season, even though I had almost no history of this sort of thing.

I've spoken with a few doctor friends on the phone, and they've told me I don't need this medication.

So I'm mad. I'm sorta going off myself, but I'm going to the student clinic here on Monday to simply tell the doctor "I'm not taking this medication anymore, what do I need to know about going off this medication?"

I had a great past five months, but I'm mad that I was basically hoodwinked into thinking that I had something more serious than I actually did. And I'm sick of getting sick all the time. And I'm sick of taking the inhaler twice a day when it just makes shit worse.

And I'm sick of how we throw pills and formulas at illness now. My mother kicked the ass of every cold I ever had with tea, soup, and OJ. Meanwhile, I'm taking a medicine that makes me get more stuff.

Sorry about the rant.

P.S. I would've had to come home from China early anyway. That was one hell of a spider.

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  1. Just get a referral to an ENT at the hospital. They know what they're doing.