Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coffee shops

If it's quiet I can't do my homework.

I get creeped out.

I can't concentrate.

So I work in coffee shops.

There's a branch of a national chain on the UChicago campus, but we call it the C-Shop. They sell crappy bagels and crappy coffee, but the crappy coffee is good crappy coffee. It's the kind of crappy coffee that wakes you up and makes you feel awesome.

I like to work in there.

It's noisy, but not too noisy. It feels warm, and alive. The chairs are nice and hard, the plugs are plentiful, the lighting is good, I can pour way too much coffee down my throat. Sometimes other people join me at my table. The windows look out to a beautiful courtyard.

I don't know why I study in this shop - there are other shops I could go to, other noisy locations. I go to another coffee shop now and again. But when I walk into the C-Shop, I get productive. I've pulled eight-hour hauls in the C-Shop during finals week, and one terrifying Sunday afternoon last year, I spent ten hours in there in the course of a day. I get nods of recognition from the staff.

But it feels like home now. When I need to study, I go there, or my dorm's lounge at night. Can I say it's part of my experience here?

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  1. I feel the same way about Chris and Christian's room last year. :P