Thursday, December 29, 2011

A strange thought for the night

I have this thing when I'm back in New York - I have a bit of hot water with lemon and honey about an hour before going to bed.

I don't do this at home in Chicago - not yet, anyway; I just do it while I'm here with the family. I boil some water, I have it with lemon juice and honey, and I wind down. This difference has gotten me thinking: am I a different person for the three weeks that I'm on break here?

The short, traditional answer would be "yes." Environment affects our personalities, and our personalities are affected in different environments. That is the normal answer. But how much interior change is there?

I feel the same emotions here as in Chicago, and I feel the same emotions in Chicago as I do here. Now that I'm living in Chicago, at least. But there also seems to be some subtle change that matches the change in rhythm when I get back here. Let's enumerate:

-I am more easily bored here.

-I am lazier here.

-I am more easily angered here.

-I am quieter here.

-I am less patient here.

-I am more likely to do spontaneous things here.

I might be different. The list seems plenty - but at the same time, purely circumstantial! I am further out from the city here, my mother tries to get me to "relax" more here, families are usually tetchy. I have fewer people to talk to here, and it takes forever for me to get places since I can't drive. Can't figure out the last one, though...

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