Wednesday, January 11, 2012

中文翻译的《挪威的木》Norwegian Wood - in Chinese

A few months ago, I translated Milkshake by Kelis into Chinese. It was my most popular post, until y'all got bored at Christmas.

If you want to see that, it is here: 我奶昔让小伙子过来

Anyway, I planned to translate more songs, but that did not happen. Until now.

So I'm not normally the biggest fan of the Beatles - I find them kitschy and overhyped. However, I really, really like this song by them - it's short, and sweet, and simple. I decided to give it a go in Chinese.

Firstly: the Beatles write simply, but it's very hard to carry the tone well in Chinese. Preserving the fourteen-syllable rhythm is also really hard - many of the Chinese terms don't translate neatly.

Secondly: this is a very Western song, so it sounds really weird in Chinese.

Thirdly: it is a set of lyrics that makes sense (unlike Milkshake), so one also needs to carry over the meaning and imagery. However, the imagery doesn't always make sense, and it's hard to carry over.


英文:The Beatles (匹头士)

以前, 我有女了,可能就是,她有我了,

她问我留, 还告诉我 ”坐在你想的地方,“

到两点聊天,然后她说 ”是上床时间“

我回答 “没有,” 就离开到浴盆为睡觉


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