Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Errata of NUJLS: 10 Small Notes

I went to an awesome conference over the weekend in Washington DC called the National Union of Jewish LGBT Students. While there was a lot of community organizing education, spiritual exploration, and meeting epic folks, I'm still trying to digest so much of the experience. Thus, as a consolation, I give you: ten errata from the conference.

The errata of NUJLS:

1. Bucket list goal achieved: praying in an exclusively LGBT-space.

2. Tips on de-koshering food: your own blood is a wonderful garnish, or you can take it into the loo. Credits to Sarah and Zach for smashing any record that David Blair previously set.

3. Escalators are appropriate people-conveyors. Aaron did not die, thankfully.

4. I may be responsible for bringing a strain of the common cold to the Midwest. Apologies.

5. The real origin of the "orange on the seder plate" debate came from a discussion of the inclusion of lesbians in Jewish rituals.

6. Gay Methodist seminarians exist.

7. The term "bagel-chaser." It is awesome. So are the terms "pre-Rab" (hey Steven!) and "jweer."

8. AU's Spiritual Center looks like an immolating cupcake. Ali noted this.

9. I learned a non-standard tune to Aleinu. I thought no one did that.

10. My friend told me that I need to learn to talk to straight people again.

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