Friday, March 23, 2012

Notes on my relatives

Most of my visit to Israel has involved my relations of various flavors. Some things I've thought about:

1. Everyone is on a road to diabetes. All my relatives consume colossal amounts of sugar. Cakes, dried fruit, chocolate, and sugary drinks: every one of my relatives is in a relationship with the sugar cane and it is complicated.

2. My family has an intimate relationship with snark. My grandmother makes plenty of witty commentary about the world, and my more distant relatives have some snappy opinions too.

3. We are crazily stubborn. My grandparents argue about the same things, every day, as they have for fifty-eight years.

4. Everyone in my family has very strong color preferences. Thing is, each person has their color. No one understands my grandmother's thing for yellow, or her cousin's thing for turquoise. It happens.

5. We forget Hebrew when we're stressed, but when others are stressed we speak it fluidly. I forgot my ticket on a bus and started muttering in English, but I've also interpreted for my grandfather several times this trip. My grandmother is exactly the same.

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