Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Plans: 10 Little Things

I will be in Washington DC working for the Urban Land Institute this summer. Research internship aside (and it's my dream internship), there are going to be ten things I want to do this summer aside. Since I'm trying to cheer up from hullaballoos not to be written about, I've been making these plans.

My summer break starts 6 June for me, and goes until mid-September. I'll be in DC most of the time from 24 June until 15 September.

1. Eat tons of Ethiopian food. DC is the capital of the Ethiopian-American community. I'm looking forward to honey wine and injera.

2. Go spotting at Reagan Airport. Nerd forever. Hopefully, not get arrested.

3. Visit Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. On my goals list ever since I became a Civil War nerd in high school.

4. Learn some Portuguese. The big goal of the summer. As if I needed another language.

5. See my friends from NUJLS. Some people will be in DC over the summer, and others will be there when their school years start in September. All the Jews unite!

6. Read Hosea. In line with my "book of the Tanakh" goals every break (Proverbs last summer, Ecclesiastes during the winter), I want to read Hosea in detail this summer.

7. While I'm in New York, go back to Mitsuwa for delicious Japanese food-and-supply shopping. Aaron Rubin, care to join me again?

8. Turn 21 in a classy, non-drunken way. My birthday's on 12 September, my last week in DC.

9. Take tons of photos.

10. Eat ice cream on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night with my sister. Can you help me convince my sister to come visit me in DC?

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