Friday, September 14, 2012

Ten Achievements This Summer: What I Did In DC

Ten of the many things I achieved this summer!

1. Get published. Sort of. My job largely consisted of research for a publication to be released at a conference in October! I am cited as one of the researchers and helped in the editing process and with graphs. 15,000 people now will view my work...nerve-wracking!

2. Create 10-15 recipes. Some are on this blog!

3. Basic reading German. Projekt Deutsch went slower than planned. German is HARD. But I can now slowly read newspaper articles!

4. Discovered the depth of my migration passion. I read a lot of papers and books about migrations in my spare time, and got a lot of immigration info into the publication at work.

5. Learn Hosea. Technically I finish tonight or tomorrow, but Hosea is an amazing - and dense - book.

6. Visit one new state, and go fishing for the first time. West Virginia! Y'all should go to Harper's Ferry.

7. Read a novel in Norwegian. The book, called King Solomon's Sword, or Kong Salomos Sverd - ostensibly about Israel - was way too dramatic and flashy for my taste, with one too many quixotic chases and a sketchy plot. It also took me three and a half weeks to read. But I finished it!

8. Renew the understanding of my religious faith. See the kippah post.

9. Eat phenomenal Ethiopian, Salvadoran, and Malaysian food. El Rinconcito in Logan Circle serves scrumptious pupusas. Meskerem in Adams-Morgan serves great alecha and wat. Malaysia Kopitiam in Dupont Circle has a world-rumbling laksa.

10. Meet a crew of memorable characters. Y'all are awesome.

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